Beating About the Bush

December 19, 2021 - Beating About the Bush (M.C. Beaton). Agatha Raisin draws the ire of a crime ring and the affections of a donkey in this 30th entry in the series from M.C. Beaton. This book, copyrighted in 2019, appears to be the last one that the author wrote on her own before her death at the age of 83.

In this latest adventure in the Cotswolds, Agatha and her detective agency are hired by a business owner to investigate possible industrial espionage at his electric car battery factory. No sooner is Agatha on the case than she and her associate, Toni, find a fake leg in some bushes along a roadside. Soon enough, though, Agatha has a real body on her hands when the boss's secretary turns up dead near a stable occupied by a donkey named Wizz-Wazz.

The other ass in the story, besides the actual crooks, is Agatha's friend and erstwhile lover, Sir Charles Fraith. He's gotten himself engaged to a young woman and her daddy's new money. Agatha knows Charles needs the cash to keep his family estate afloat, but she can't bring herself to believe that he'll go through with the marriage in the end.

I started reading this book sometime in June and finished it six months later. Hey, I was busy! But, on the other hand, nothing here needed to be read quickly. Or at all.

Despite Beaton's death, the series is continuing under her name, but a man named R.W. Green is the author. He's the husband of Beaton's longtime publisher. I already have his first effort, so I might as well read it and see how it goes.