Blind Sight

January 26, 2019 - Blind Sight (Carol O'Connell). As noted in my review of the previous Kathy Mallory book, It Happens in the Dark, I thought there would be at least one more Mallory novel despite the author's repeated references to the death of the NYPD's hot shot homicide detective. In Blind Sight, Mallory has a brush with death, but she's not dead yet, so …

I'll preface this review by saying that it took an extraordinarily long time to get through this novel. Mostly, it's my fault for doing things other than reading. But, the long stretches between bursts of reading made it difficult for the story to gain any traction. Having said that, however, I still wouldn’t rank this novel anywhere near the top of the 12-book series.

The plots of the Mallory novels tend to be complex, and the plot here is no exception. It involves a hitman named Iggy, a middleman named Gail, the mayor of New York City, and a trust fund baby who's hard up for cash. There's also a hooker-turned-nun named Angie and her blind nephew, Jonah. Angie and Jonah turn up at the wrong place at the wrong time, throwing a murderous extortion scheme out of whack. It falls to Mallory, her partner, Riker, and the rest of the squad to find the motive, to find the killer, and to find Jonah before it's too late.

Technically, the book is "a Mallory novel." But, her role here is largely minimized. Her brilliant deductions mostly seem to happen while the author writes about the interaction between the hitman and Jonah or between the hitman and any of his victims. Mallory's here, but she's not HERE. And more's the pity since it's not clear how much longer she'll be around.