Death of a Witch

February 27, 2010 - Death of a Witch (M.C. Beaton). Police constable Hamish Macbeth has women problems of a varying sort in this entry in the series.

The trouble in the Scottish Highland town of Lochdubh starts when a woman calling herself Catriona Beldame arrives and starts dispensing mysterious potions to the menfolk. The potion carries a promise of sexual prowess, but all it really does is make them itch. Still, is that enough reason for someone to kill her and burn down her house?

As he investigates the crime, Hamish finds that Catriona has a more-than-checkered past and he wonders if it finally caught up with her. But, as three more women are killed one by one, Hamish begins to suspect that the killer may be closer to home than he first thought.

Lesley, a forensics expert, is helping him with the case and there's a spark of personal interest, too. But, the appearance of former fiancée Priscilla and former girlfriend Elspeth make Lesley's chances dim at best.

The convoluted relationships make for an interesting side plot as the three women, in their own unique ways, help Hamish solve the case. It all makes for a quick read with some surprising twists.