Hiss of Death

May 5, 2012 - Hiss of Death (Rita Mae and Sneaky Pie Brown). Mary Minor "Harry" Haristeen has a cancer scare, but that's not what puts her life in the greatest danger in this entry in the series from Rita Mae and Sneaky Pie Brown.

The story opens with Harry and the gang helping to organize a 5K race to raise money for breast cancer research. Soon after, Harry learns that she has breast cancer. But, the doctors catch it early. Harry has surgery then embarks on a workout plan and a course of radiation to complete the cure.

The routine brings Harry into contact with doctors, nurses, support groups, and gym rats. Then, one of those nurses turns up dead. Then, the leader of a support group is murdered. Then, a doctor gets electrocuted in his electric car. The only thing that seems to connect their deaths is the presence of some yellow cylinders that are used to ship horse semen. None of it seems to make much sense until someone says something to Harry and she puts it all together. The killer knows that Harry knows, and, once again, Harry's animals must save her from becoming the next victim.

I'd say this is not one of the better entries in the series. Too many new characters, not enough of the old ones. And, the author seems to be using the characters to defend/attack current issues such as funding for breast cancer research and the value of electric cars. It all comes across as a bit preachy.