Hot to Trot

June 9, 2022 - Hot to Trot (M.C. Beaton with R.W. Green). Sir Charles Fraith gets married but, before you can say honeymoon, the bride is murdered. Agatha quickly sets out to prove that neither she nor the groom did the deed.

We first met Mary Darlinda Brown-Field in the last book when Charles introduced her as his bride-to-be. She and her parents are decidedly new money, which Charles desperately needs to keep his estate up and running. For that reason, he won't let his dislike to Mary get in their way of their wedding. But, he wasn’t the only one who did not like Mary Darlinda. At a costume party soon after the wedding, Mary is murdered, dressed in riding attire, and strung up in a barn.

Charles, of course, falls under suspicion. But, he and Agatha have alibis. Charles hires Agatha and company to clear him of any suspicion. The investigation takes Agatha to France and the world of competitive show jumping. The competition seems just as fierce for the title of who hated Mary Darlinda the most.

New author R.W. Green does a good job of maintaining the characters and continuing the slapstick scenes that were the hallmark of M.C. Beaton's writing in this. Once I committed to reading the book, it went pretty quickly and kept me interested. I hadn't really planned to continue reading the series after this, but I may do for at least one more book.