T is for Trespass

December 20, 2008 - T is for Trespass (Sue Grafton). The 20th novel featuring PI Kinsey Millhone puts Kinsey in danger as she is drawn into a sinister case of identity theft.

After Gus, Kinsey's cranky, elderly neighbor, takes a tumble, he needs some help around the house. So, his niece hires Kinsey to do a cursory background check on the applicant, one Solana Rojas. Kinsey does as she's asked and gives Solana the thumbs up. But, it soon becomes clear that Solana's brand of TLC is dangerous and potentially deadly. Now all Kinsey has to do is to convince everyone else while watching her own back at the same time.

Grafton interweaves the identity theft plot with a sub-plot involving a potential insurance scam. That leads to a sub-sub-plot as Kinsey tries to track down a potential witness.

The subplots don't really get in the way of the main plot. They serve mostly as a reality check, if you will, as we see Kinsey earning her keep while she pursues Solana on her own time. The storyline involving Solana is wrapped up in a dramatically gruesome sequence in which Kinsey's life is in serious jeopardy. Overall, a fast and exciting read. Another good job by Grafton.