Double Feature

August 2019 - Kristen Stewart is no stranger to big screen blockbusters. She starred as Bella in the successful Twilight series. Now, she again seems poised for big box office with a starring role in the upcoming Charlie's Angels reboot. Here are two movies where she played a smaller, supporting role.

In 2015's Still Alice, Stewart plays the daughter of a woman suffering from early onset Alzheimer's. Julianne Moore won a Best Actress Oscar for her performance in this PG-13 film.

Moore plays Alice Howland, a 50-ish woman who heads the Linguistics Department at Columbia University in New York. Alec Baldwin is her husband, John, a well-respected medical researcher. Of their three grown children, only Lydia (Stewart) has ventured far from the nest. She's in Los Angeles, trying to make her mark as an actress.

Everything seems to be going according to plan until Alice starts to wonder if something's wrong. She loses her place in lectures, gets lost on her usual running route, and isn't as good at Words with Friends as she used to be. She's scared enough to see a neurologist, and he diagnoses her with Alzheimer's. Eventually, Alice is let go by Columbia. And, eventually, she needs someone to stay with her around the clock. It's a losing battle, and like Alice's family, all you can do is watch.

Overall review: Liked it. Moore instills Alice with as much hope as possible, but we all know basically how it's going to end. The value comes from watching her fight the good fight and watching how her family does their best to support her.

In 2002, Stewart played Jodie Foster's daughter in Panic Room. David Fincher directed this R-rated thriller in which a secure room provides temporary shelter for a mother and daughter when greedy crooks break into their new home.

Foster plays a woman soon to be divorced from her wealthy, cheating husband. Looking for a fresh start, she and her daughter decide to move into a Manhattan townhouse with way too many floors, an elevator, and a built-in panic room. Seems the previous owner was very rich and, in his final years, a sickly, paranoid recluse.

No sooner have mom and daughter settled in for the night than in breaks Forest Whitaker, followed by Jared Leto and, surprise! Dwight Yoakam. Leto is a relative of the recluse and knows where to find millions of dollars that the old man hid from the family. The money is in a floor safe in the panic room. The plan to get it goes awry when Jodie and Kristen get to the panic room first, setting off a fierce and bloody battle of wits and wills.

Overall review: Liked it. For a movie that came out in 2002, it holds up well. On the downside, some of the effects are a little too CSI. But, overall, everyone is appropriately terrified/pissed off and it's an entertaining two hours.