Cheesy Gifts

December 2007 - OK. You can stop worrying now. I'm back to solve all of your holiday shopping needs. We still have a couple of weeks to get it all done, so no need to panic. Remember the Tiki head tissue cover from last year? Well, trust me, there's plenty more where that came from - and maybe even some free shipping!

For all you practical folks out there, Solutions (the same people who proffered the aforementioned Tiki head tissue cover) offers an inventive way to put the fun back into cleaning the house. Ladies and gentlemen, turn to page 32 in your catalog and behold the Slipper Genie! Slipper Genie

Just slip on a pair and slide over all the hard surfaces in your house. Fluffy, microfiber fingers on the soles work like magic to collect dust, dirt and dog hair. At just $9.95, it sure sounds like more fun than a Swiffer!

Once your house is clean, you'll want to relax. For sheer comfort, nothing beats bamboo! The people at Brookstone guarantee it. On p. 18, it states: Bamboo yarn is ultra-soft, ultra absorbent and resists bacteria. Bamboo is quickly becoming known as a miracle fiber. The true miracle is that bamboo is machine washable! Sheets come in white or eggshell and start at just under $100.00 for a twin set. For another $125.00, you can curl up on those bamboo sheets in your bamboo pajamas, available in ecru.

Bamboo is also suitable for your bathroom. On p. 29, Brookstone offers bamboo towels, bamboo bath rugs and bamboo bath robes. You'll be happy to know that, should you purchase any – or all – of these items, you'll be able to choose from actual colors such as rain, cloud and blossom.

While bamboo is tough to beat, you can find more fanciful options from Eximious of London. Decision MakerFor example, if you need to make a tough call, don’t waste a lot of time examining your options and worrying about who might get hurt. Just grab the Decision Maker, as seen on p. 19, and give it a spin! Faster than you can say Magic 8 Ball, this little gizmo will guide you in the right direction. With a price of just $34.50, can you afford not to take a chance?

If there's a chance you'll be entertaining guests over the holidays, why not wow them with a truckle or a crock. Eximious offers these cheesy suggestions on p. 51. The crock of stilton promises to be 7¾ oz. of the best from Paxton & Whitfield of Jermyn Street. With a name that pretentious and a price of $47.50, it has to be good!

But, you'll get more for your money if you invest in a 20 oz. truckle of cheddar from the fabled Mull of Kintyre in Scotland. Just $32.50 and not one penny wasted on a gift box. Now that's what I call good taste in gifts.