About the Musings

Mensa Musings is the title of a column that I used to write for the newsletter of the local Mensa group to which I belong. I started while I was a member of Central PA Mensa and continued when I moved into Lehigh Pocono Mensa.

The column had its origins during my college days. The campus newspaper published a feature called Along Muddy Run, named after the little stream that flowed near campus. The privilege of writing the column traditionally fell to a senior, who used the opportunity to share his or her whimsical reflections about life on campus. During my senior year, I got my shot to write Along Muddy Run and inflict on fellow students my views on everything from the early onset of holiday advertising to the nightly rearranging of tables in the cafeteria.

Fast forward several years, and the editor of the monthly local Mensa newsletter was looking for content. So, I resurrected the college column, called it Mensa Musings and set about whimsically reflecting on topics that probably wouldn't get much thought otherwise.

As I mentioned, I started writing the column when I belonged to Central PA Mensa, which publishes Penn Central. When I moved into the Lehigh Pocono group, I continued the column in Magniloquence. After a few years, I ran out of time, energy and ideas. But, it was fun while it lasted. So, enjoy!

Penn Central


"I cannot make the universe obey me. I cannot make other people conform to my own whims and fancies. I cannot make even my own body obey me." »» Thomas Merton