After the Sunset

December 14, 2006 - Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek star in this 2004 romantic comedy from director Brett Ratner. Woody Harrelson and Don Cheadle also star.

Brosnan and Hayek play Max and Lola, a pair of jewel thieves who also happen to be lovers. Harrelson is Stan, the FBI agent who always seems to be one step behind. As the movie opens, Max and Lola have outsmarted Stan once again and made off with a VIP diamond. They've escaped to a Caribbean island where they plan to retire in law-abiding, marital bliss.

Soon enough, though, Stan shows up. And, so does a cruise ship that just happens to have another VIP diamond on board. Max swears he doesn't plan to steal the diamond, but Henry (Cheadle) hopes to convince him otherwise. See, Henry is an American expatriate who wants to use the diamond to finance his growing empire of iniquity.

Overall review: ** The cast is attractive and easy to watch. They just don't have a lot to work with. The movie is about 1:40 long, and a fair amount of that time is taken up with scenes that are fun to watch, but which don't do a lot to advance the plot. There's more style here than substance.