The Back-up Plan

June 26, 2011 - I want to like Jennifer Lopez as an actress. Really, I do. But, the movies she picks often make it difficult to do so. Her appearance in this RomCom from 2010 is a perfect example.

Lopez plays Zoe, a single woman who gave up a career in high finance to run a pet store in New York City. Now that she has a job she loves, she wants a family. The original plan was to find a nice guy and settle down. But, since that hasn't happened, Zoe turns to her back-up plan (get it?), artificial insemination.

Of course, as soon as Zoe finds out that the procedure worked, she just happens to meet a cheese maker named Stan, (Alex O'Loughlin), a guy who could just be "the one." With plan B already in motion, is it too late to revert to plan A? Well, what do you think? Did I mention "cheese?"

Overall review: ** I watched this movie on a Sunday and, as I recall, I thought it would be a decent way to kill time before the program I really wanted to watch came on. Well, not so much, as it turns out. At one point, I took a break from the movie to consider whether I needed a back-up plan of my own. Ultimately, I did finish watching the movie. But, it's utterly predictable. The few moments that aren't predictable aren't enough to move this movie beyond mediocre, which is too bad because I want to like Jennifer Lopez. Really, I do.