The Bedroom Window

November 30, 2007 - Oh yeah. It's the Eighties and Steve Guttenberg is having an affair with the boss's French wife. It's all good until Elizabeth McGovern gets roughed up. Curtis Hanson, who scored later hits with L.A. Confidential and 8 Mile, wrote the screenplay and directed.

Guttenberg plays Terry, who works at some upscale construction company in Baltimore. He's young and cute and hot for Sylvia, the boss's wife. They rendezvous at Terry's place. Afterwards, while he's in the bathroom, Sylvia hears a commotion outside the bedroom window. She's French, so she doesn't care that her tits are hanging out when she goes to see what's up. What she sees is a young woman named Denise (McGovern) being attacked by a pale, red-headed guy. He spots Sylvia and takes off, getting away before Terry can get to the window.

In order to protect Sylvia and keep their affair secret, Terry tells the police that he's the one who witnessed the attack. But, long story short, that plan has some flaws and, as women keep getting killed, the cops begin to wonder if Terry's the real criminal.

Overall review: ** I rented this movie back in the Nineties solely because I happened to be working with a reporter who has a cameo in the film. This time, I actually paid attention to the movie as a whole and it's not as cheesy as I remember. Still, parts of the plot are far-fetched enough to keep me from adding a third star. I also didn't care for the music and Baltimore is wasted as a setting.