Beverly Hills Cop II

May 29, 2005 - Eddie Murphy is back for another turn as Detroit police detective Axel Foley in this 1987 sequel to Beverly Hills Cop. Paul Guilfoyle (currently of CSI:) appears with some weird blond hairdo. I can't recall whether he actually has any lines. A very young Chris Rock also has a very small role. And he does get to speak.

Foley returns to Beverly Hills when his friend, Capt. Bogomil (Ronny Cox) is shot and wounded by Brigitte Nielsen. She and some buddies from the Beverly Hills Shooting Club are behind a series of crimes dubbed the "Alphabet Robberies." I'm a little confused as to how they could be called the Alphabet Robberies when the movie apparently opened with the robbery at "A," but never mind.

Axel teams up with Judge Reinhold and the other guy from the first movie to kill the bad guys and blow up a lot of weapons.

Overall Review: ** Not as smart as the original. Murphy's as wise-cracking as ever, but he seems to rely on talking really fast to pull off his scams. The plot didn't hold up very well. And, Brigitte Nielsen is in the movie. 'Nuff said.