The Big Chill

June 13, 2016 - The music of the Sixties ties together this film about college friends who reunite in the Eighties. The all-star cast includes Kevin Kline, Glenn Close, William Hurt and Jeff Goldblum. Lawrence Kasdan directs and gets a writing credit, too.

The film is set in the early Eighties. A group of college friends from Michigan is brought together again when one of their own, Alex, commits suicide. They gather in South Carolina for the funeral then retreat to the winter home of one of the friends for a weekend of reminiscing and reconnecting.

Roughly 13 years have passed since graduation. While their young idealism has largely been replaced by pragmatism and practicality, they still share the bonds forged all those years ago over sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Overall review: *** For a film made more than 30 years ago (1983), it holds up remarkably well. While the clothes and technology are dated, the theme of friendship endures. And, so does the music. The soundtrack alone makes this movie worth watching.