Christmas with the Kranks

October 7, 2006 - Don't dis Christmas seems to be the message behind this 2004 holiday comedy starring Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Akroyd. Chris Columbus wrote the script based on a novel by John Grisham.

Allen and Curtis play Luther and Nora Krank, a couple living in what appears to be an upscale suburb of Chicago. Their particular neighborhood takes pride in its Christmas spirit, and the Kranks are widely revered as the most spirited of them all.

But, all that changes when the Kranks' only daughter heads to Peru with the Peace Corps. Since she won't be home for the holidays, Luther and Nora decide to skip Christmas in favor of a Caribbean cruise. The Kranks refuse to play any reindeer games - no cards, no lights, even the wreath on their door gets tossed. They're ridiculed and reviled by their festive neighbors but, bah humbug! the Kranks manage to stay strong. Until Christmas Eve Day when, surprise! their daughter announces that she's coming home with her Peruvian fiancé.

Overall review: ** The movie had some good moments as the Kranks tried to stand strong in their "we're skipping Christmas" position. But, that only lasted for about 45 minutes of movie time. Unfortunately, this movie had another 45 minutes to go.