October 7, 2006 - Holly Hunter and Sigourney Weaver carry this 1995 drama about the hunt for a serial killer who's stalking the streets of San Francisco. Harry Connick Jr., William McNamara, Dermot Mulroney and Will Patton also star.

Weaver plays Helen Hudson, an expert on serial killers. After a lecture at a college in San Francisco, she is attacked in the ladies' room by a degenerate named Darryll Lee Cullum (Connick with bad teeth and a bad dye job). Hudson survives but becomes an agoraphobic, brandy-drinking, pill-popping recluse. Her computer is her link to the outside world.

Hudson reaches out to the police when it appears that a serial killer has surfaced in the city. Hunter and Mulroney are working the case, and they pay a visit to Hudson's pad to get some insight. It seems that the killer is copying murders committed by infamous serial killers of the past. All they have to do now is figure out who he is and find him.

Overall review: ** The scenes concerning the serial killer case are OK. But, there is another storyline that doesn't seem to make much sense. And, at one point, Weaver's character flirts with Mulroney's cop! Not exactly what you'd expect from someone who's so affected by her attack (by a man) that she's constantly medicated and hasn't left her apartment in a year. Still, the film is kind of interesting.