The Devil Wears Prada

July 9, 2006 - Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway star in this 2006 satire of the fashion industry. Stanley Tucci, Adrian Grenier and Simon Baker also have featured roles.

Hathaway plays Andrea "Andy" Sachs, a recent graduate of Northwestern University now trying to make it as a journalist in New York City. Despite the fact that Northwestern has an excellent J-school and that Andy was editor of the school newspaper, she has apparently been unable to find any kind of journalism job in New York. She applies to a big publishing company and ends up interviewing at a fashion magazine called "Runway," where Miranda Priestly (Streep) runs the show.

Despite the fact that Andy doesn't know Halston from a halter top, she gets hired as Miranda's second personal assistant. Miranda is a demanding boss, but Andy decides to go along in order to get ahead. The question here is can she survive the fashion biz without selling out.

Overall review: ** OK. Picture the gay guys from In Living Color. This movie does not rate a "Hated it!" But, it also doesn't deserve "two Z-snaps." The movie is less than two-hours, but it felt longer.

Streep was good and Hathaway was OK, but her wardrobe left a lot to be desired. Andy figures out that, in the fashion world, looking good is half the battle. In Andy's case, she believes that looking good means wearing lots of clunky necklaces that border on bling.

I also didn't like the music very much; some of the transitions were extremely abrupt.

And, again, if Andy was the editor of the newspaper at Northwestern University, she damn well ought to be able to get SOME kind of job in journalism. In fact, I would think newspapers and magazines would actually seek her out. I seriously doubt that anyone with her background would have to take a job as "second personal assistant" to anyone.