Drive Me Crazy

July 23, 2005 - Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier star in this 1999 comedy about the trials and tribulations of high school.

Hart plays Nicole Maris, a senior who's definitely in with the in crowd. Grenier is Chase Hammond, the boy next door. Chase and Nicole used to be close when they were younger, but now Chase hangs out with the alternative crowd so he can date cool chicks.

Nicole is the point person for a big dance to celebrate the school's 100th anniversary. She's hoping that Brad, the star basketball player, will ask her, but he falls for a cheerleader from a rival school. Nicole calls on her old buddy Chase to help her make Brad jealous. But, in order to make their relationship appear real, Chase needs an image makeover.

Overall review: * Maybe one star is a little low, but two stars would be a little high. Hart is best known for playing Sabrina, the Teenage Witch on TV. But, it would take more than a twitch of the nose to save this movie from being, like, totally lame.