Enola Holmes 2

December 13, 2022 - It seems pretty clear that the Enola Holmes franchise can go on as long as the actors and producers want. It's based on a literary series that includes seven novels and one short story. And, as we know, running out of books has never stopped Hollywood from running out of movies.

Anyway, after first finding success as the baby sister of Sherlock Holmes in 2020, Millie Bobby Brown returned for another go-round in November 2022 with the PG-13 Enola Holmes 2. The sequel reunites other cast members from the first film including Henry Cavill as Sherlock, Adeel Akhtar (yes, the Murder Mystery Maharajah is also Inspector Lestrade), Louis Partridge as Tewkesbury, and Helena Bonham Carter as Sherlock and Enola's wayward mother.

The plot incorporates an historical figure into the action as Enola is hired to investigate the goings on at one of the match factories in Victorian-era London. One of the match girls has disappeared – and so have some of the business's records. Enola has her suspicions and, as usual, she needs help from her big brother and others to sort it out. As for Sherlock, he's following steps that could lead him to identify and maybe even capture the elusive Moriarty.

Overall review: *** Incorporating an actual historical figure from the labor rights movement into the plot was a nice touch. We also get to meet Dr. Watson, albeit briefly, for the first time in the series. Looking forward to Enola's next outing.