Get Him to the Greek

June 13, 2010 - Hilarity ensues (or not) and life lessons are learned (or not) when a mid-level record company employee is assigned to escort a washed-up rock star to a concert that could re-energize his career.

Jonah Hill (from Superbad and Forgetting Sarah Marshall) plays Aaron Green, the record company employee. He impresses his boss (Sean P. Diddy Combs) with his idea to stage a concert featuring one-time megastar Aldous Snow (Russell Brand, reprising his character from Forgetting Sarah Marshall). The concert will be held at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Green is given three days to get to London, get Snow and get him to the Greek.

Green faces several obstacles along the way. First off, Snow has basically been on a two-year bender since his last album flopped miserably. Secondly, just before he leaves for London, Green and his live-in doctor girlfriend break up. She wants to do a residency in Seattle, but he balks at the idea of going with her. So, these are the circumstances under which the newly-single Green heads to London to meet a rock star who's all about booze, drugs and sex.

Overall review: ** Not a terrible movie, but I guess I prefer my humor a little more high-brow. The jokes here are mostly about sex and drugs, though some of the cultural references are amusing. Mostly what's interesting are the actors and the characters they play. Often it seems as though Snow is more of the adult here than Green. It's their relationship that gives the movie more heart than it might otherwise have had.