Hard Promises

May 5, 2005 - This 1991 film stars William Petersen (looking trim in his pre-CSI days), Sissy Spacek and Mare Winningham. Peter MacNicol also has a role.

Peterson and Spacek play Joey and Chris. They were everybody's high school sweethearts who got married and had a daughter. As a husband and father, Joey's pretty crappy. He spends most of his time working odd jobs around the country. He sends money home and even drops by for a visit every few months. Ain't life grand?

Chris doesn't think so. She's a teacher at the local school. And, she's had it. After 12 years of an absentee husband, she's divorced Joey so she can marry the owner of the local car dealership. He's not cool like Joey, but at least he's around.

The movie begins just a day or two before the wedding. Joey blows into town to try to win Chris back. He even goes so far as to get a job at the local factory but, well, you know. Joey will be Joey.

Overall review: ** An OK movie. Peterson is engaging, Spacek is fine, and everyone gets along in the end. The movie had quite a few funny moments, but I don't think it made up its mind whether it wanted to be a comedy or a drama. If Joey really wanted to win back his wife, he sure didn't take it very seriously.