Heart of Stone

December 2, 2023 - Gal Gadot gets all the action she can handle in this spy thriller that dropped on Netflix in August 2023. The PG-13 film also stars Jamie Dornan and features brief appearances by BD Wong and Glenn Close.

Gadot plays a spy named Rachel Stone. As the film opens, Stone is part of a team from MI6. They've been sent to Italy to capture an elusive arms dealer. Stone is the junior member of the team, so the senior members tell her to "stay in the van" and do her part from there.

But, the op goes sideways and Stone soon finds herself out of the van and in the middle of the action. Next thing you know, she's sliding/parasailing down a steep ski slope with help from someone at The Charter. What is that, you ask? Well, the Charter is a shadowy group of shadow spies that secretly helps agencies such as MI6 succeed in their missions. The Charter does this with the help of a supercomputer called The Heart. It calculates the odds of a mission achieving its desired outcome. The Charter is who Stone REALLY works for.

Once Stone reveals herself as a member of the Charter, her mission changes: Protect the Heart from a hacker. But, as Stone quickly realizes, the hacker is not the only one who wants the Heart for themselves.

Overall review: ** In a lot of ways, Rachel Stone is Wonder Woman but without the skimpy costume and accompanying accoutrements. She's James Bond with all the advantages of AI and none of the romantic distractions. The one thing Stone does have is a penchant for getting involved in high-speed chases. This film features a lot of them, both on land and in the air. You'd think that with all that action, this film would fly by. But it doesn't. It feels like every minute of its 2:02 running time – and then some.