Highlander: Endgame

March 11, 2011 - It takes two immortals from the Clan MacLeod to vanquish another immortal named Jacob Kell. This R-rated feature from 2000 transfers the Highlander movie mantle from Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) to his TV cousin, Duncan (Adrian Paul). Peter Wingfield (Methos) and Jim Byrnes (Joe), also from the TV series, make brief appearances.

As the movie opens, Connor and Duncan are together in New York City. Connor asked Duncan to come because he had something to tell him. But, he says only "Watch your back" before heading home just in time to see the place explode. The blast kills Connor's beloved ward, Rachel. Connor is so distraught, that he goes to a place called The Sanctuary to exist in what is essentially a state of suspended animation.

Eventually, we learn that another immortal named Jacob Kell has spent centuries making Connor's life a living hell. It's Kell's revenge for something that happened back in Scotland. Kell is so strong that Connor knows he won't be able to defeat him alone. He needs to team up with Duncan in a very special way in order to conquer Kell.

Overall review: ** I saw this movie in the theater when it first came out then watched it again recently on AMC. My general impression is that it wasn't as bad as I remembered. Oh, the movie has its flaws. Christopher Lambert seems bored with the whole thing, and some characters just seem to show up without any rhyme or reason. But, there are enough of the characteristic flashback scenes to keep things interesting, and the swordfights are entertaining. It's no match for the original Highlander movie, and it's not as good as the TV show, but it's watchable.