Highlander: The Source

September 15, 2007 - Duncan MacLeod finally becomes "the one" in this 2007 installment in the "Highlander" series. I watched it on the Sci-Fi channel, which billed it as a "Sci-Fi original." I think that means no movie distributor would touch it, so it ended up on cable.

Anyway, our story begins in the near future where the world, or at least Eastern Europe, has descended into chaos and lawlessness. Never mind the police vehicle that's moving through the picture. Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul) has lost faith, and he spends his days watching his estranged wife, Anna, from a distance. She loves him but didn't stay with him because of that little thing about immortals not being able to have children.

Amid all this chaos, there is hope. As legend foretold, the planets and stars are aligning, creating a narrow window for "the one" to find "the source" of immortality and maybe end all this chaos.

Enter Methos (Peter Wingfield), a couple other immortals and Joe the Watcher (Jim Byrnes). They convince a reluctant Duncan to join them on their quest for the source. Also with them is Anna because she has visions and can guide them. Along the way, they battle cannibals and a powerful immortal called "The Guardian." Eventually, Methos sacrifices himself (apparently) so that Duncan can be The One.

Overall review: * This is the second Highlander movie to feature Duncan, who was first introduced in the syndicated TV series. I loved that show, but that Duncan is completely absent from this movie. TV Duncan laughed and talked. The Duncan in this movie barely cracks a smile and hardly says anything. The spirit of Highlander is missing here, and I doubt that it can be recovered.