December 18, 2005 - The Fresh Prince and the King of Queens team up in this 2005 comedy from director Andy Tennant (Fools Rush In and Sweet Home Alabama).

Will Smith, the Fresh Prince, plays Alex Hitchens. He's a confirmed bachelor but makes his living by helping other men win the women of their dreams. One of those other men is a klutzy accountant named Albert (Kevin James, the King of Queens). Albert is head-over-heels for an heiress named Allegra (played by model Amber Valletta). She doesn't know he exists until, after some advice from Hitch, Albert uncharacteristically asserts himself and stands up for Allegra.

While Hitch works his magic with Albert, he finds himself falling for Sara, a gossip columnist played by Eva Mendes. Sara is a cynical single, and Hitch's attempts at romance go drastically awry. Still, things are going well until Sara blames Hitch for giving a slimy guy advice about how to get her best friend into bed.

Overall review: *** More like 2 and 1/2 stars, but give it three for the great physical comedy of Kevin James. I wanted to see more of Albert and Allegra and less of Hitch and Sara. Despite a predictable outcome, the movie did have quite a few laugh-out-loud moments.