Hollywood Homicide

May 22, 2005 - In this 2003 film, Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett play a duo of Hollywood homicide detectives trying to solve the murder of an up and coming rap group.

Ford plays the veteran detective; Hartnett is his rookie partner. Ford is selling real estate on the side. Hartnett makes extra money by teaching yoga, but what he really wants to do is act.

Anyway, when members of a rap group are shot dead in a club, they're the ones sent to investigate. While they're investigating, Ford is trying to sell the club owner a house owned by a movie producer (played by Martin Landau) and Hartnett is learning lines to "A Streetcar Named Desire." They're also under investigation by an IA cop, played by Bruce Greenwood, and it turns out that Ford is sleeping with that cop's ex-girlfriend, a psychic radio host (played by Lena Olin).

Are you following all this? Neither was I until a former Motown back-up singer, played by Gladys Knight, arrived to at least clear up the murder mystery. After that, the movie is pretty much one long chase scene.

Overall Review: * I saw the first half hour of this movie then got bored and turned it off. When it came around again, I watched the rest of it. Harrison Ford is getting older and really needs to stop running. Overall, this movie just had too many balls in the air.