The Incredibles

April 2, 2005 - This 2004 animated film from Pixar features the voices of Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter. Written and directed by Brad Bird, who also provided the voice for Edna Mode.

The movie opens with Bob Parr (v.o. Nelson) driving in his car. He hears trouble on the police scanner and decides to help. Next thing you know, Bob Parr is transformed into a superhero called Mr. Incredible. He saves the day with some help from Elastigirl (Hunter), and gets to the church on time - for his wedding to Helen, who just happens to be Elastigirl.

But, in saving the day, Mr. Incredible did some damage. So, the government forces all superheroes into something like the witness protection program and orders them to keep their secret identities under wraps.

Fast-forward 15 years. Bob and Helen are still married. They now have three children, Violet, Dash and Jack Jack. Bob is stuck at an insurance agency and he gets fired for actually trying to help the people who file claims.

No matter, though, because soon a mysterious offer comes Bob's way. The services of Mr. Incredible are required to stop an out-of-control robot on an island research facility. Mr. Incredible does the job and brings home a nice paycheck. All the while neglecting to tell Helen that he's been fired.

Soon, Mr. Incredible is called back to the island. This time, he meets the man behind the mystery - a superhero wannabe who, years ago, Mr. Incredible told to get a life. Well, now the kid is all grown up and his mission in life is to destroy all the real superheroes using his high-tech weapons. Things look bad for Mr. Incredible until Helen gets wind of what's really going on. Then it's Elastigirl, Dash and Violet to the rescue of Dad...and the world.

Overall rating: **** A fabulous movie! Good story, good voices, excellent animation, attention to detail (after 15 years, Mr. Incredible has put on some weight!), a moral message. The Incredibles is incredible!