The Judge

May 26, 2024 - A judge finds on the other side of the bench when he's accused of killing a man he once sentenced to prison. Rober Duvall and Robert Downey Jr. star in this R-rated film released in 2014. The supporting cast includes Vera Farmiga, Billy Bob Thornton and Vincent D'Onofrio.

Downey plays Hank Palmer, a big-time defense attorney in the big city of Chicago. He's worked hard to escape his humble origins in small-town Indiana, where his dad (Duvall) rules the community and his family with an iron hand. But all that changes when the judge's wife, Hank's mom, dies and Hank is called home for the funeral. Hank starts heading back the next morning, only to turn right around when he learns that the judge has been arrested for a deadly hit and run. The victim is a man the judge sent to prison some 20 years ago. Now it's on Hank to come to his defense whether he wants to or not.

Overall Review: *** What a pleasure to watch such a great cast work together. No one is trying to out-act anyone else. For two hours and 20 minutes, they let the story be the center of attention. What we learn is that it's one thing to be a big fish in a big pond. But when you're THE big fish in a small pond and trouble strikes, watch out.