Kate Leopold

January 1, 2016 - Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman find out that you never know where – or when – you'll find true love. James Mangold directs and helped write the script for the PG-13 romcom from 2001. The supporting cast includes Liev Schreiber, Breckin Meyer and Bradley Whitford. And, look for future Emmy-winner Viola Davis in a small role.

Jackman plays Leopold, a 19th century Duke. He's in New York City to find a wealthy American to marry and bolster the family fortune. But, before he can announce a bride, he spies Stuart (Schreiber), creeping around with a strange device. Leopold chases him to the Brooklyn Bridge, where both men fall through a portal in time. They end up in Stuart's apartment in 21st century New York.

That's where Leopold meets Kate (Ryan), Stuart's downstairs neighbor and former girlfriend. Kate is up for a big promotion at the marketing company where she works, but she can't help falling Leopold's social charms and good manners. He's also pretty handy on a horse. That's all well and good until Stuart tells Leopold that he must go back to his own time.

Overall review: ** Pleasant enough even though you know darn well how it's going to end. Jackman and Ryan make it easy to watch them get there.