May 2, 2010 - Maybe I'm getting old, but the superheroes seem to be getting younger and younger these days. This film features two costumed characters who are still in high school and one who still needs to grow into a training bra. As it turns out, she's the one who kicks the most ass.

Aaron Johnson plays Dave, a teen who likes comic books. He also likes girls if only they would notice him. One day, Dave gets it into his head that he could be a superhero. He orders a costume and sets out to do good deeds under the name Kick-Ass. For his trouble, he gets stabbed, gets run over and gets on the bad side of a big time drug dealer.

He also catches the attention of a father-daughter tandem (Nicolas Cage and Chloe Moretz) who masquerade as Big Daddy and Hit Girl. Hit Girl has had a very unique upbringing. Her father has trained her to be a lethal weapon in his plan to get revenge against the aforementioned drug dealer. Hit Girl is good, but in the end, even she needs some help from Kick-Ass to kick bad guy ass.

Overall review: *** Hit Girl does what a lot of women probably wish they could do and she does it with flair, with pleasure and without any regrets. Sure, she's been brainwashed by Big Daddy, but, whatever. She's a pint-sized Rambo in a purple wig. Hit Girl is my new hero.