The Lake House

December 27, 2008 - A magical mailbox plays matchmaker for Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock as they fall in love over the space-time continuum. Christopher Plummer also appears at his crotchety best.

Bullock plays Kate, a doctor who recently got a job at a hospital in her hometown of Chicago. Reeves is Alex, an architect who lives and works in Chicago. As the movie opens, Kate is moving out of a glass house by a lake and Alex is moving in. The thing is that Kate is moving out in 2006 and Alex is moving in in 2004. They fall in love through letters that they leave each other in the mailbox. But, it will take one final letter for Kate and Alex to have a real chance at happily ever after.

Overall review: ** I'll give it two stars because Reeves and Bullock make it possible to watch the whole movie. But, even for a story that requires the suspension of disbelief, this one has some logical flaws that make it impossible to recommend.

!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!! Throughout the movie, it's clear that Alex and Kate are not living in alternate universes. They are on the same timeline, just at different points. My main problem with the film is that, in 2004, Alex meets Kate at a party. They share a dance and a passionate kiss. In 2006, Kate tries to save a man who gets hit by a car. It turns out to be Alex, but Kate has no idea! She writes to Alex about the man who "died in her arms," yet she did not realize that it's the same guy she kissed passionately at a party. Sorry, I'll buy a magic mailbox, but I won't buy that.