Last Chance Harvey

November 25, 2009 - Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson find love in London despite the fact that neither one seems to care very much. James Brolin and Kathy Baker co-star.

Hoffman plays Harvey Shine, a long-time writer of commercial jingles. He's heading to London for his daughter's wedding but plans to head back to New York quickly for what may be his last shot at keeping his job. Thompson plays Kate Walker, a single woman who surveys airport travelers for the British government. She might have a life if her mother weren't so needy.

Anyway, Hoffman arrives in London only to be basically ignored by his daughter who wants her stepfather (Brolin) to give her away. Harvey goes to the wedding but skips the reception and tries to catch a flight home. He misses his flight, ends up at an airport bar and hits on Kate, who's on her lunch break. Can these two lonely people find love? What do you think?

Overall review: ** This movie had a nice little vibe to it and it didn’t seem to drag. But, I thought it lacked emotion. Hoffman and Thompson play their characters with so much reserve that it's difficult to imagine that these two people would have more than a passing conversation let alone a romance. On the other hand, these two pros can make pretty much anything work and they do a pretty good job of it here.