A Lot Like Love

October 28, 2006 - Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet perform a sporadic seven-year mating dance in this 2005 romantic comedy.

Kutcher plays Oliver, a college graduate trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. Peet is Emily, a free-spirited artistic type. Their first meeting happens at the airport, where both are headed to New York City. Before they even know each other's names, they've joined the mile-high club. Then, they spend an enchanting day seeing the sights and snapping pictures in the park. But, Emily informs Oliver that he has three strikes against him, so the end of the day appears to be the end of the relationship.

But, it's not, of course. A few years later, Emily calls up Oliver because she needs a New Year's Eve date. A couple years after that, Oliver ends up on Emily's doorstep when his girlfriend dumps him. Clearly, they have a connection, but they can't seem to commit. Things keep getting in the way, like Oliver's plan to sell diapers over the Internet, and Emily, well, there is that three strike thing to consider.

Overall review: ** On the plus side, the movie has a decent soundtrack. Kutcher and Peet are easy to watch, and they seem to have fun with the movie. But, there is that three-strike thing to consider. Emily refuses to commit to Oliver until she realizes that maybe that first strike was a little unfair. And, it took her seven years to figure that out because she waited seven years to develop a roll of film.