Mother of the Bride

May 26, 2024 - When a daughter surprises her mom with news that she's getting married, the real surprise comes when the mom meets the groom's dad. Brooke Shields and Benjamin Bratt star in this PG film that dropped on Netflix in early May. The supporting cast includes Wilson Cruz (My So-Called Life), Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill), and Rachael Harris (Suits, Lucifer>/).

Shields plays Lana, a well-respected scientist who runs her own medical research lab in San Francisco. One day, Lana's daughter, Emma, shows up and announces that she's getting married in a month. The groom is a guy named RJ, who she met in London and who helped Emma launch her career as an influencer. The wedding is being paid for by Emma's new parent company, so everyone is off to Thailand for the celebration.

At the hotel, Lana meets the wedding party, which includes the groom and Janice (Harris), Lana's best friend from college. Lana's a little surprised to see two more college friends. And, she's really surprised when another one, Will (Bratt), turns up. He's Lana's former flame and the father of the groom. The whole situation sends Lana on an emotional roller coaster as she contends with a controlling wedding planner and her unresolved feelings for Will.

Overall review: ** Ehhh, it was OK. Nothing groundbreaking here. The plot could have used some work, though. For example. Lana and Emma supposedly have a close relationship, but Emma didn’t tell Lana about her boyfriend? Or her new influencer career? I know Emma was in London, but they have phones, the internet, and snail mail there. Also, I realize that Will and Lana had a bad breakup all those years ago but couldn’t someone have Googled someone sometime in the past 20 years?