Mr. & Mrs. Smith

June 18, 2005 - Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie star in this 2005 action-packed comedy. Vince Vaughn also has a fairly substantial role.

Pitt and Jolie play John and Jane Smith, a husband and wife who are bored with their marriage. They're both professional assassins, but each is keeping that secret from the other. Their professional paths collide when they're assigned to kill the same target. Everything gets FUBAR and they miss. Then, each is assigned to take out the assassin who messed up the mission. That's when Mr. and Mrs. Smith realize that they're after each other.

Overall review: ** Pitt and Jolie have good chemistry and they're pleasant enough to watch. If only they had a better movie! This one goes on much longer than it should have. There's plenty of action. Both Pitt and Jolie get to shoot lots of guns and kick plenty of ass. But, at times, I wasn't sure where all the guns came from. They did have some decent dialogue, though. I'd like to see them again in Mr. & Mrs. Smith - the Sequel.