Murder at 1600

July 12, 2008 - When a young woman is found murdered in a White House bathroom, it's up to Wesley Snipes and Diane Lane to uncover the cover-up that threatens the presidency.

Snipes plays Washington, DC police detective Harlan Regis. Dennis Miller is his partner. When the body turns up in the bathroom, they're asked to investigate by Alan Alda, the National Security Advisor. Lane plays Nina Chance, the sharpshooting Secret Service agent assigned as the liaison.

Early on, it appears that the president's playboy son may be the killer. Then, suspicion falls on the president himself. But, soon, Regis and Chance figure out that they are the ones being framed and that the murder was just part of a much bigger plan.

Overall review: ** Admittedly, I watched the movie while doing laundry. So, I missed a couple minutes here and there to fold clothes, etc. And, quite honestly, that was OK. The plot was more convoluted than it needed to be and the action wasn't very exciting. In fact, I'd call this so-called thriller pretty darn boring.