Murder Mystery 2

April 8, 2023 - Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston reunite for this PG-13 follow up to 2019's Murder Mystery. The sequel also stars Mélanie Laurent (of Inglorious Basterds fame) and brings back Dany Boon and John Kani.

Also back from the first film is Adeel Akhtar as the very wealthy, slightly crazy Maharajah. He sets the plot in motion by inviting Nick and Audrey Spitz (Sandler and Aniston) to a private island for his wedding to former Parisian shopgirl Claudette (Laurent). Since the first film, the Spitzes have opened their own detective agency. But things are not going all that well, and they agree that a vacation is just what they need.

Once on the island, the Spitzes enjoy the lavish amenities. But, when the Bollywood-style rehearsal party gets going, the Maharajah gets gone. He's kidnapped and his bodyguard is murdered. Nick and Audrey soon realize that they're being framed, and they hunt down the real kidnapper/killer by following a winding trail that leads from the island to the Eiffel Tower.

Overall review: ** It's not awful but doesn't seem to have the energy that I recall from the original. Also, there are more twists and turns than necessary, including one that leaves the question of whether there will be a sequel to the sequel very much up in the air.