No Hard Feelings

December 23, 2023 - Jennifer Lawrence gets hired to tutor a young man in the ways of love but finds out that she, too, has much to learn. This R-rated movie from 2023 has a supporting cast that features Matthew Broderick, Kyle Mooney, and Andrew Barth Feldman.

Lawrence plays Maddie, a 30-something woman trying to make ends meet in the high-priced Hamptons. She's in debt, in danger of losing her house, and in desperate need of a car. When she spots a want ad that offers a car to someone who will date a couple's virgin son, Percy (Feldman), before he heads to college, she applies.

The job turns out to be more than Maddie bargained for. The harder she tries to close the deal, the more she likes the kid. Indifference turns to interest as 19-year-old Percy reveals more and more of himself to Maddie. It all ends in a way that none of the characters expected – although maybe we should have.

Overall review: ** When the film was released in early summer, reviews I saw praised Lawrence and the film as funny. I just don't know if that's the word to describe it. While the movie generally held my interest, there's just an overall icky undercurrent that I can't get past.