No Reservations

March 24, 2010 - Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart play chefs who cook up romance in this 2007 romcom. Patricia Clarkson is their boss and Abigail Breslin is the little girl who helps bring them together.

Zeta-Jones plays Kate, head chef at a trendy New York restaurant. She's famous for her saffron sauce and for being a no-nonsense single woman. But, her life suddenly changes when her sister is killed in a car crash. Suddenly, Kate finds herself in charge of her young niece, Zoe (Breslin).

Kate's boss orders her to take some time off to deal with everything. She hires Nick (Eckhart) to help pick up the slack while Kate is gone. It doesn't take Nick long to upend Kate's sense of order in both her kitchen and her life. But, Zoe likes him and that provides an opening for Nick to get close to Kate.

Overall Review: ** No Reservations provides no surprises but still manages to serve up satisfaction. It's exactly like a meal at your favorite neighborhood restaurant. You've already sampled everything on the menu, so you know what you'll get. And, that's exactly what keeps you going back time after time.