One Fine Day

March 20, 2021 - Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney combine to make an already hectic day in Manhattan even more hectic by watching each other's kids and falling in love. The supporting cast for this PG romcom from 1996 features Holland Taylor, Charles Durning, and Mae Whitman.

Pfeiffer plays Melanie Parker, an architect and single mom to a young son named Sammy. Clooney is Jack Taylor, investigative journalist and non-custodial dad to a daughter named Maggie. The kids go to the same school, but Melanie and Jack have apparently never met before this particular day.

This day happens to be a big day for Sammy and Maggie. It's the class field trip! But, because Melanie and Jack (mostly Jack) can't get their shit together in a timely fashion, they're late getting the kids to school. So, no field trip for the kids and limited childcare alternatives for Jack and Melanie, who each face career-defining days.

Jack and Melanie decide their best option is to help each other out. He'll watch Sammy while Melanie makes an important presentation. She'll watch Maggie while Jack attends a critical news conference. Sounds like a plan until one kid sticks a marble up his nose and the other decides to go chase a cat.

Overall review: *** Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney are attractive and easy to watch. Their banter helps move things along. Also, the kids are cute and, for the most part, not overly annoying. The movie also draws energy from being set in New York City. Combine all those things and it's fairly easy to overlook the weather, which changed from dry to rainy more often than seems possible on any day, especially on a fine one such as this.