The Others

August 14, 2017 - Nicole Kidman and her light-sensitive children live in an isolated home, but it seems someone is trying to invade their space. The supporting cast includes Fionnula Flanagan and Christopher Eccleston. Tom Cruise has an executive producer credit, and the film hit theaters in August 2001, just as he and Kidman were finalizing their divorce.

As the movie opens, it's 1945. World War II has just ended. Grace Stewart (Kidman) lives in a big, remote house in Jersey (England). Because the servants have just up and gone, Grace and her two children are alone as they wait for their husband and father (Eccleston) to return from the war. Soon, three servants show up looking for work. Grace tells them that they'll have to find their way around in the dark. The curtains must be kept closed because the children are allergic to light. No problem, says Mrs. Mills (Flanagan). They've worked in the house before.

So, life carries on with Grace schooling her children by candlelight in all things Bible. Meanwhile, Mrs. Mills and Mr. Tuttle, the gardener, whisper between themselves that things can't go on like this and Grace is going to have to deal with the changes. And those changes appear to be coming soon once Grace's daughter starts "seeing" a boy and a creepy, old blind lady.

Overall review: *** Really not much to complain about. The pace seems a little bit on the slow side, maybe because the movie is pretty self-contained in terms of setting and characters. But, the story is interesting and Fionnula Flanagan is always a pleasure to watch.