The Professional

July 31, 2011 - A young Natalie Portman makes friends with a hit man in this flick from 1994. Luc Besson wrote the movie and directs a cast that includes Jean Reno, Gary Oldman and Danny Aiello.

Reno plays a milk-drinking hit man named Leon. He lives in New York's Little Italy, which, I guess, helps explain his French accent. Natalie Portman plays Mathilda. She and her low-life family live in the same building as Leon and he often sees Mathilda as she seeks quiet time in the hallway.

One day, Mathilda skips out to the store to pick up some milk for Leon. It's at this very moment that a rouge DEA agent (Oldman) and his cohorts burst into the apartment and kill the family, including Mathilda's little brother. Mathilda seeks refuge with Leon and sets her heart on revenge.

Overall review: *** More like 2.5, but I'll round up because the movie held my interest. One thing that makes it so interesting is that everything in it seems to be a little "off." Mathilda is mature well beyond her 12 years, but she is only 12. Her age – and certain scenes - give her relationship with middle-aged Leon a slightly creepy feel. More than creepy is Oldman's character, a pill-popping DEA agent who heads a band of other rogue agents who have clearly gone over to the other side of the law. The overall tone of creepiness makes the movie unsettling to watch but also makes it difficult to turn away.