Queen Bees

May 24, 2024 - You could call this PG-13 film from 2021 Mean Girls for the senior set. Ellen Burstyn, Jane Curtin and James Caan lead the accomplished cast. Michael Lembeck, who appeared for several years on the TV show One Day at a Time, moves behind the camera to direct.

Burstyn plays Helen, a widow determined to stay in the home she shared for decades with her late husband. But, when Helen nearly burns down the house, her daughter (Elizabeth Mitchell) convinces her to move to the nearby retirement community while repairs are being made.

Helen quickly realizes that the retirement home is a lot like high school with cliques and rules about who can sit where. But, soon enough, Helen's skill as a card player earns her a spot with an alpha clique called the Queen Bees and their cranky leader, Janet (Curtin).

Helen hangs with the Queen Bees even though she doesn't really get along with Janet. Janet becomes even more jealous and resentful when Helen starts getting close to Dan (Caan), the home's newest eligible bachelor.

Overall review: *** Nothing new about the plot here. Heck, even one of the characters makes a Mean Girls reference. But, any movie with a cast like this one is worth watching.