Sherlock Holmes

September 25, 2011 - Sherlock Holmes must use all his brains – and some brawn - to stop one man's plot to destroy Parliament and take over the world. Robert Downey Jr. plays Holmes in this 2009 film from director Guy Ritchie. Jude Law is his loyal sidekick, Dr. Watson, and Rachel McAdams is the love interest.

The game's afoot from the get-go in this action-packed movie. At the start, Holmes and Watson help Inspector Lestrade stop Lord Blackwood, a serial killer who uses "black magic" to help him commit his deadly deeds. Holmes got his man and, it would appear that London is, once again, safe. But, all that changes when Blackwood mysteriously rises from the dead and resumes his murderous ways.

Holmes and Watson do their best to put an end to it all. They get some help from Irene Adler (McAdams), a beautiful thief who has a thing for Holmes. But, Irene's not exactly offering her help out of the goodness of her heart. She's been hired by a mystery man to keep tabs on Holmes and his progress.

Overall review: *** Not bad. Not bad at all. Downey and Law are entertaining, and McAdams holds her own. With a good cast, an iconic character and a big budget, even Guy Ritchie couldn't screw this one up.