Spider-Man: Homecoming

July 7, 2017 - A teenage Peter Parker gets his Spider-Man legs under him but also finds time to crush on a high school senior. Tom Holland is the young superhero, Jacob Batalon is his best friend, and Jon Favreau is tasked with keeping an eye on him. Robert Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei also appear, while Michael Keaton swoops in to steal the movie – and whatever alien technology he can get his hands on.

Fresh off a fight with Captain America, Peter Parker is sent back to New York City with a snazzy new Spider-Man costume, a gift from Tony Stark/Iron Man. Peter has no enthusiasm for high school now; he just wants to take his suit and play with the Avengers. But, Stark's assistant, Happy (Favreau), ignores his calls, so Peter must settle for returning stolen bicycles and doing other good deeds in his own neighborhood.

But, one night, he sees some men trying to rob an ATM. Spider-Man takes them on, but the crooks have weapons more powerful than anything he's ever seen. Young Peter can't let it go, and his search leads him to Adrian Toomes/Vulture (Keaton), a disenchanted salvage worker who's using alien technology to get rich and to get back at the government and the people he feels betrayed him.

It's all a lot for a high school kid to handle, especially when you're trying to keep your special powers a secret from your classmates.

Overall review: **** It's been a long time between Spider-Man films for me, but I really liked this one and look forward to the sequels that will surely come. Holland manages to capture the enthusiasm, idealism, and recklessness that comes with being a teenager. That's offset by the hardened reality and cynicism of Toomes/Vulture. Add a killer soundtrack featuring the likes of the Ramones and Flock of Seagulls, and what's not to like? Familiarity with the Marvel universe will help, but it's not totally necessary to enjoy the film.