St. Vincent

December 10, 2014 - Bill Murray's role in Groundhog Day earned him a nomination for an MTV Movie award. His role in St. Vincent could earn him a Golden Globe, and perhaps, even an Oscar.

In this PG-13 film, Murray plays a curmudgeonly Brooklynite named Vincent. He blows what little cash he has at the bar, at the racetrack, and on his favorite stripper (Naomi Watts). So, when new neighbor Maggie (Melissa McCarthy) needs someone to watch her son, Oliver, after school, Vincent seizes the opportunity to earn some extra money.

Maggie worries that Vincent's bad habits and murky morals are rubbing off on Oliver. But, the boy sees lots of good in Vincent. When Oliver's teacher assigns students to write about an "everyday saint," Oliver has no trouble choosing Vincent as his subject.

Overall review: **** Murray gives a fantastic performance, McCarthy is very watchable in her supporting role, and young Jaeden Lieberher (Oliver) seems to have a very bright future. Overall, the movie serves as a reminder that people are complex and what you get may be a lot more than what you see.