Swimming Pool

June 25, 2005 - This 2003 drama is set mostly in the French countryside. It stars British actress Charlotte Rampling. As far as I can tell from the IMDb, Rampling has had a long career appearing in films with French titles. She did have a major role in 1982's The Verdict, which starred Paul Newman.

In Swimming Pool, Rampling plays Sarah Morton, an author who writes a series of British detective novels. As the movie opens, Morton is so bored and out of ideas that when a woman on the tube recognizes her, she denies being the famous author.

Morton goes to see her long-time publisher in London. He suggests a change of scenery and sends Morton off for a stay at his country house in France. Morton settles in and decides that her bedroom will be the one that overlooks the swimming pool, which happens to be covered. After a trip to the local cafe, Morton sits down to write, and it appears that the change of scenery has done her some good.

Here's where things get a little strange. Morton has just turned in for the night when she hears a noise downstairs. It turns out to be Julie, the publisher's 20ish daughter. After this, Julie opens up the pool and takes a dip. The movie travels down paths that involve murder, sex and voyeurism, and those paths never quite lead where you expect.

Overall review: ** I can remember seeing previews for this movie in the theatre and thinking that it looked interesting. And, it is an interesting movie. But, interesting does not necessarily translate into good. It's intriguing, but if you figure out what's really going on (which I think I did), then I think it loses some of the intrigue. Lots of French being spoken, but there are subtitles. Also, frequent nudity.