March 17, 2007 - Milla Jovovich is a human turned mutant on a mission in this 2006 sci-fi action flick. Young actor Cameron Bright also stars as a somewhat creepy kid, similar to roles he played in Godsend, Birth and X-Men: The Last Stand.

Jovovich plays Violet. Violet used to be human until she got infected with some sort of AIDS-like blood virus. Instead of killing her, however, it turned her into a hemophage, a vampire with superhuman powers. The real humans don't like Violet and her ilk, so the government has set about trying to exterminate them. Violet poses as a human to steal what is believed to be the government's secret weapon, something which will get rid of the hemophages for good.

The weapon is in a case, and Violet is told that under no circumstances is she to open this case. She does, of course, and discovers that the "weapon" is a child clone named Six. He has some sort of antigen in his blood that will not kill the vampires, but will cure them. Violet makes it her mission to protect Six at all costs, even if it means killing lots and lots of humans along with quite a few of her own kind.

Overall review: ** This film is highly, highly derivative. Just about every scene in this movie reminded me of a scene I had seen in some other movie. Some scenes even seemed derived from a TV show. The list includes The Matrix, X-Men, Highlander (movie and TV show) and Kill Bill: Volume I. I also found the plot a little hard to follow. I think it got lost in all the action sequences. Consequently, even though Violet is the hero of the film, I'd have been OK, I think, if she'd failed in her mission.