July 15, 2006 - Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson carry this 2000 drama from writer/director M. Night Shyamalan. Robin Wright Penn also stars.

Willis plays David Dunn, a former college football star who now works security at the stadium. His marriage to Penn is on the rocks. They're still living in the same house for the sake of their son, but they sleep in separate rooms.

The movie opens with Dunn on a train, headed back to Philadelphia from a job interview in New York. Suddenly, the train crashes. Everyone is killed except Dunn. He survives without a scratch.

That's when Elijah Price (Jackson) makes contact. Price suffers from a disease that causes him to have very brittle bones. He's always breaking something. When he was a kid, Elijah got interested in comic books. Ever since then, he's been looking for a superhero, someone totally opposite from himself, someone who never gets sick, who never gets hurt. Elijah thinks Dunn is that man. Soon, Dunn starts to wonder if it might not be true.

Overall Review: *** This film was Shyamalan's follow-up to The Sixth Sense. It's not quite as good but is still very effective. Willis doesn't have a lot of lines, but what he needs to say he says with his silence and his expressions. And, of course, there are the supernatural elements and a twist at the end.