The Weather Man

June 9, 2007 - Nicolas Cage and Hope Davis star in this 2005 film about a grown man searching for direction and meaning in his life. Michael Caine also stars along with Nicholas Hoult (the boy from About a Boy.)

Cage plays David Spritz, a TV weatherman - NOT a meteorologist - in Chicago. Out on the street, he's continually accosted by people who want to know what day the "nipper" is or by people who throw fast food at him.

His home life is not much better. He's divorced from his wife (Davis), estranged from his kids, and doesn't quite measure up to his aloof father (Caine), an award-winning writer.

Then, Dave takes up archery and the sport seems to help him find some direction.

Overall review: ** An odd movie, and I'm not sure what to make of it. It probably deserves more than two stars, but I can't quite see my way to giving it three.

Cage does a lot of voice-overs which give the audience a peek at the inner thoughts of his character. When the character actually speaks, there's often an abundance of swear words coming from his mouth. All this while he's trying to prevent his kids from becoming permanently screwed up and hoping to get back together with his ex who told him to his face that she hates him. Why? I don't know. But, why do people do anything? Trying to figure all that out is like trying to predict the weather.